DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

21 October, 2010


During the July 1995 Srebrenica genocide, Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic ordered his troops to rape Muslim women and girls: "Keep the good ones over there. Enjoy them." He told the Muslim men and boys the massacre awaits them: "There will be blood up to your knees." Then he forcibly expelled 30,000 refugees and slaughtered more than 8,000 Bosniak men and boys. The New York Times examines where is Ratko Mladic now ↓

"One protector — a Serbian military officer who was later arrested — recalled that Mr. Mladic lived fairly openly in a house guarded by a private 52-man security detail with four cars. Last year, a former Mladic bodyguard, Branislav Puhalo [photo], testified that the unit was established in 1997 on Mr. Milosevic’s orders [former President of Serbia who was charged with 66 counts of genocide and crimes against humanity]....

A former member of the government’s surveillance operation — who described with precision the monitoring of Mr. Mladic and Mr. Karadzic — said investigators knew the fugitives’ hiding places until February 2008, five months before the Tadic government took over and Mr. Karadzic was apprehended. Until then, the official said, the surveillance team did not receive an order to make an arrest.'

The former investigator said teams stalked both men outside their apartments and followed their helpers on grocery trips. Until his arrest on genocide charges in 2007, they said, the mastermind of the network that shielded Mr. Mladic was Zdravko Tolimir [aka: Chemical Tolimir], a former general and an assistant commander of intelligence in the Bosnian Serb Army who is now on trial in The Hague." Continue reading @ The New York Times, "Protectors in Serbia Hinder Pursuit of War Crimes Suspect."