DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

02 December, 2010


Miodrag Nikacevic sentenced to 10 years.
The Appeals Chamber of the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina reversed the Trial Chamber's verdict against Miodrag Nikacevic, a former police officer from the town of Foca, and raised his sentence from 8 to 10 years imprisonment for crimes against humanity committed on the territory of this municipality, according to Federal News Agency.

In February of 2009, Miodrag Nikacevic was sentenced to 8 years in prison for raping a Bosniak woman. The rape occured in April of 1992 with the outbreak of the Bosnian war.

Miodrag Nikacevic was also found guilty for the rape of a Bosniak girl in July of 1992, and illegal arrest of a Bosniak civilian Rasim Klapuh who was later killed.

The Office of hte Prosecutor appealed the verdict, asking the Court to increase the punishment of the Accused.

The Appeals Chamber partially granted the appeal and acquitted the Accused that he participated in the arrest of Rasim Klepuh, who was taken to a correctional facility Foca and killed.