DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

12 January, 2010


Activists of several Serbian NGOs protested on Monday in front of the presidency of Serbia calling for July 11 to be proclaimed an official day for remembering the Srebrenica genocide.

The Humanitarian Law Center, Women in Black, Helsinki Human Rights Committee in Serbia, the Center for Improving Legal Studies, the Committee of Attorneys for Human Rights, and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights signed the letter calling for President Boris Tadic to “accept and mark the day of July 11 as a memorial day for the genocide in Srebrenica and paying respect to the victims.”

According to B92’s sources, Serbian Parliament will debate drafts of two resolutions - one condemning the crimes committed by Serbs against Bosniaks in Srebrenica and the other condemning all war crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Our Analysis

It is unacceptable to merely condemn the "crimes" against Bosniaks in Srebrenica.

1. The term Genocide (or Srebrenica Genocide) must be mentioned in the Resolution.

2. The number of victims totaling 8,100 (as per DNA identity analysis) must also be included in the Resolution.

3. The number of 30,000 forcibly expelled refugees must also be mentioned.

Will Serbian Parliament pass this Resolution?

It's hard to tell. We haven't even seen the text of this Resolution. Does it mention the term Genocide? Does it mention that 8,100 Bosniaks died in the Srebrenica Genocide? Does it mention the fact that 30,000 Bosniaks were forcibly expelled from the Enclave? Does it mention the fact that Serbs targeted for extinction the 40,000 Bosniaks living in Srebrenica?

Even President Tadic stated that this Resolution "will not meet utmost approval either in Republika Srpska or in Belgrade." Half the Serbian Parliament consists of extremist political parties, like Serbian Radical Party (76 seats), Socialist Party of Serbia (11 seats), Serbian Renewal Movement (4 seats), and others. Liberal Democratic Party has lended a strong support for the Resolution, but they only have 10 seats in the Parliament. On the other hand, Democratic Party led by Boris Tadic has 64 seats in the Parliament, but it is uncertain whether all 64 members will support the Resolution.

Don't attempt to blackmail the Bosniak side

If the purpose of this Resolution is to blackmail Bosniaks to apologize to Serbs, then don't pass it. We already apologized to you, and we won't apologize twice.
A copy of our apology follows:

- - -

Recently, the President of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic stated that, he is the only president who apologized for the crimes done by his country and pointed out that it is really a shame that other presidents have passed the opportunity to also apologize to him.

Fair enough. To his credit, Mr. Tadic did attend the 10th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide in Potocari. Little did we know that he wanted something in return: The Apology. Well, why not? Let's make it official:

Apology to Serbian President Boris Tadic

Author: Edin Begović

Yea, I am not a Bosniak Leader, but still ...

Mister Tadic,

On behalf of my family, I am apologizing to you that Chetniks killed my father, I am so sorry! I sincerely apologize, Mister Tadic, for a disappearance of my uncle, too.

I am apologizing for my youth, spent between walls of the dark vault, sorry. I am apologizing, Mister Tadic, for my two onsets of pneumonia and then asthma, incurred in the above mentioned vault.

I am apologizing for my youth, because as a boy, a few days before war aggression/Sarajevo siege started, I waved to the soldiers in the olive-green military trucks, and they would flash/raise three fingers ?!

I thought that those three fingers were connected to the three capital letters on the
military trucks: JNA *[abbreviation for "Yugoslav People's Army"]*! What could I

I am apologizing for my youth, Mister Tadic... sieved by the pieces of missiles from the mortars, VBRs *[Multiple Rockets Launchers]*, recoilless artillery guns, and tanks, all of which displaying those same, distinct three capital letters: JNA.

I am also apologizing for my memories, Mister Tadic, whereas instead of memories of eid holiday festivities, merry-go-rounds/carousels, and, if You wish, New Years' gift boxes, I remember men and women, grandma's and grandpa's, guys and gals killed by harpshooters from Nedzarici *['92-'95 notorious Serb-hold suburb of Sarajevo]* while they carried containers with water from the hydrant in front of the "Oslobodjenje" *["Liberation", Sarajevo daily]* building.

I am apologizing for my memories, whereas, instead to remember new episodes of "Nadrealisti" *["Surrealists", popular pre-war TV satire/all-out-mocking show]* with "Djuro", "Siber", and that idiot "Nele", or to remember chocolates, snowball plays in winters or summer holidays at Adriatic Sea beaches,

I remember PRAHAs, PAMs, PATs *[military armoured artillery]*, death-sowers Karadzic, Mladic, Arkan and his "Tigers", "White Eagles" and what-who-not hayvans *[bestial inhumans]*.

I am apologizing for my memories, whereas, instead to remember sleddings on Bjelasnica *[mountain, cf. '84 Winter Olympic Games]* coached by my father, I remember Markale and morning "gusle" fiddling and singing about "Straze djenerala Draze ..." *["Sentries of general Draza ...", Draza Mihailovic, top WWII Serbian Nazi-Fascist collaborator Chetnik's genocidal WWII criminal, slaughtering 8% of Bosniaks in '41-'45 ]* while on the other side of the City I remember what happened at Kovaci ...

I am apologizing for my memories, whereas, instead to remember going out to movie theatres, biking and all sorts of "ziyans" *[kid's mischiefs] *I remember Srebrenica, Risto Djogo *[notorious Karadzic/Mladic et al TV Anchor]* when we had electricity*,* and so bony, emaciated Senad Hadžifejzović *[BiH TV]* - may Almighty God bless him.

I remember, Mister Tadic, boiling collected rain and melting snow in order to drink water.

I remember, Mister Tadic, and would love not to ...

But here it is, I am apologizing for my "crimes" !!! And given how many of us are like this, and yet those additional "sinners", I do not know how You will ever be able to forgive us ...

Here, now and my neighbour
Boris [Serb],
Your namesake who spent war aggression/Sarajevo siege at Chengic Vila,
is also apologizing to You.

Edin Begović