DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

09 July, 2009


The marking of the 14th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide started on Wednesday when several thousand people joined the annual 110 kilometres (68.35 miles) long Peace March, "March of Death, Road to Freedom." Peace March 2009 is an event gathering participants from all over the world, held for already four years, in memory of the victims of genocide committed against the Bosniaks in Srebrenica - UN "Safe Zone", in 1995.

LIVE TEXT MESSAGE UPDATES from this annual event are available from the official web site of the "March of Death, Road to Freedom:"

BACKGROUND: Serbs from heavily militarized villages around Srebrenica had terrorized Srebrenica population and constantly attacked neighbouring Bosnian Muslim villages from 1992-1995. In July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army staged a brutal takeover of Srebrenica and its surrounding area, where they proceeded to perpetrate genocide. Bosnian Serb soldiers separated Bosniak families, forcibly expelled 25,000-30,000 people, summarily executed at least 8,372 boys, men, and elderly, and dumped them into mass graves.