DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

31 December, 2007


Last Updated: March 25, 2009.


"I WISH MLADIC KILLED THEM ALL" - Darko Trifunovic (self-proclaimed Serbian "terrorism expert") in an E-mail response to "Stevan Savic"

Editors' notice: Haris Djapic and Alen Jusufovic (both from Sarajevo) have done a bit of investigative work by posing as "Stevan Savic" and befriending Darko Trifunovic. On December 28th 2007, they sent us the following article titled "Darko Trifunovic" and we added "PART 2" to the title. It took us about 3 hours to translate it from Bosnian into English language. We thank them for their contribution. If you would like to publish your articles at Srebrenica Genocide Blog, please mark your comments "PRIVATE" and include your E-mail address where we can contact you. All future articles should be submitted in English language. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Authors: Haris Djapic and Alen Jusufovic
Uploaded: December 31, 2007.

Dear Srebrenica Genocide Blog,

After you published an article about Darko Trifunovic's denial of Srebrenica genocide, we decided to do something about it. So we contacted him by posing as "Stevan Savic".... During our investigation and correspondence with him, we collected more information about his activities than we bargained for. After all, our investigative work paid off, but we were greatly dissapointed by his level of hatred...
PHOTO: Darko Trifunovic (biography), Srebrenica genocide denier, in this undated photo courtesy of New York based Bosnjaci Magazine.

Darko Trifunovic, who proclaimed himself to be so called "terrorism expert" only after being fired from Bosnia-Herzegovina Foreign Ministry, is now attacking journalists who criticize him. Media Development Center and South East Network for Profesionalization for Media concluded that Trifunovic's "wild speculations presented as 'serious' information are an insult to logic." We agree.

(1) Spy-work and Wikipedia
(2) Islamophobic Sources
(3) Response to Myself
(4) Threatening Journalists
(5) "I wish Mladic killed them all"
(6) Excerpt from the Book

(7) Izetbegovic: Anti-Fascist/Anti-Communist

Spy-work and Wikipedia

We posed as "Stevan Savic" and got in touch with Darko Trifunovic through his publically available E-mail address. Apart from his apparent passion for Srebrenica genocide denial and manufacturing stories of "Islamic terrorism", we also learned that he has at least two Wikipedia usernames:
Sh3 and AlexandarNYC. He attempted to create various wikipedia articles labeling journalists who criticized him as "Islamic terrorists" and he even asked us for help. We wouldn't know about these activities hadn't he told us. He has been making dozens of revisions every day to his Wikipedia page by adding content that celebrates him and removing content he doesnt' agree with. Take a look at a revised page he made about himself; he even uploaded photo of himself and described it as "Self Made". The changes were rapidly reverted by Wikipedia's administrators, because any type of self-promotion is not suitable for Wiki standards.

A Response to... Myself?

On December 28, 2007 Darko Trifunovic's posted an article labeling his critics as (read carefully): "Al Qaeda Media Committee Attacks on Darko Trifunovic" (note: all people who criticize them are automatically labeled as "Islamic Terrorists") and then Darko Trifunovic commented on his own post under diffferent names posing as somebody else. The post was made at 08:20am, then at 9:33am under nickname "John Johsnon" (he couldn't come up with a better name?) Darko Trifunovic posted a lengthy comment with a copyrighted content from Serbianna about "Islamic Terrorism" and all those terrorism related fairy stories manufactured by Srebrenica genocide deniers and Islamophobes who blame Muslims for every single evil in this world. Four minutes later, at 9:33am, he used another nickname , "Anica", and posted a reply to himself supporting - [guess who?] - himself, duh! He even asked us to post comments in his support. In order to gain more knowledge about his activities and in order to gain more trust from him, we posted a comment supporting him (under a nickname "space"). Of course, he thanked us in his E-mail shortly after and we thank him publicly for being so naive.

Threatening Journalists

We have been in touch with the New York based Bosnjaci Magazine for a very long time. They are wonderful people working for the freedom of the press. They told us that Darko Trifunovic has, on numerous occassions, attempted to silence them with the threats of lawsuits because they criticized his Srebrenica genocide denial.

Trifunovic apparently believes he can silence American journalists and freedom of the press in America, a country where free speech and journalistic freedom is sacred. One might wonder, why doesnt' he do it? It's because he knows he would lose the case and would be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. This would actually be very beneficial to this New York based magazine as it would bring additional income for their exercise of journalistic independence and freedom of speech. After all, Freedom of the press was (and still is) a necessity to any democratic society.

"I wish Mladic killed them all"

After befriending Darko Trifunovic and gaining his trust under a fake E-mail account "Stevan Savic" (stevansavic@lycos.com) we finally asked him to tell us why he denies Srebrenica genocide (we corresponded with him in Serbian language), quote: "So Darko, why the heck do you deny Srebrenica genocide? It certainly does not help our Serb cause, so why are you doing it?"

He replied with a short note, quote: "Are you sure you are Serb? Why do you care about Muslims? I wish Mladic killed them all."

Here is a copy of the original E-mail response that we received from Darko Trifunovic (in Serbian language):

Subject Re: O Srebrenickom Genocidu
Sent Date: 12-23-2007 4:58:29 PM
From Darko Trifunovic <
To Stevan Savic <

Postovani Savo,
Jesi li ti siguran da si Srbin? Sta te briga za Muslimanima? Da ih je bogdom Mladic sve pobio.

Darko Trifunovic

We believe there is no need for further comment to his E-mail.

Excerpt from the Book

Darko Trifunovic has been discredited by respected journalistic agencies in the past. According to the "Freedom of Speech in South East Europe: Media Independence and Self-Regulation" (ISBN 978-954-9396-05-8) published by the South East European Network for Professionalization of Media, quote:

An exemplary manipulation article can also be found on p. 2 on March 9 entitled ‘Abuse of religion and faith’ by D. Majstorovic. It reports that Darko Trifunovic, portrayed as “leading Serb expert for international terrorism” from the Belgrade Security Faculty, in one of his recent “lectures before members of the US Congress” stated that radical Islamists from all over the world, who have been assigned in all almost all European states upon order of the terrorist network Al Q’Aida, abuse religious facilities and use them for spreading their fundamentalist-like ideas. Reportedly, Trifunovic also “warned that Kosovo and Metohija and BiH are unfortunately brimming with persons like Talovic (Sulejman, 19-year old from BiH who killed 5 people at Salt Lake City recently) and Bektasevic (Mirsad, sentenced to 20 years prison term for planning terrorist attacks in BiH), mostly thanks to people from the top authority, who at some point in the past brought the most brutal terrorists of the present time to these regions. Hereby he refers to “Haris Silajdzic”, a prominent Bosniak politician.

Although attributed to an “expert” thus fulfilling the formal requirements of the Press Code, these absolutely wild speculations presented as “serious” information are an insult to logic first, Bosniaks second. (Sulejman Talovic was Bosnian American, but his crime was much the same as earlier Columbine crimes, or a subsequent massacre by a Korean American – work of teen angst. Confounding him, a wannabe terrorist Bektasevic, and bringing them in context with a legal and legitimate political representative is a sign of utter malevolence and lack of elementary ethics).

Izetbegovic: Anti-Fascist/Anti-Communist

In an interview with "Glas Javnosti" on October 26, 2003 Dr Trifunovic falsely accused the late President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, of having been sentenced to five years' imprisonment in 1946 for allegedly being a former member of the Waffen-SS Mountain "Division Handschar". In fact, Mr Izetbegovic was never a Nazi member, but such inaccurate stories are manufactured and circulated by "terrorism experts" such as Darko Trifunovic, and since Darko Trifunovic has as much credibility as next door "rumor", it is of no importance to even debate this obvious lie. In fact, Mr Izetbegovic was anti-Fascist and anti-Communist, was almost executed by Communists for his pro-Democracy activism.

Another offensive lie is that war-time president Alija Izetbegovic was a mujaheedin or "Muslim terrorist." Mr Izetbegovic - leader of Party for Democratic Action - was one of key figures responsible for destruction of communism in Yugoslavia. He fought for democratic, secular, multicultural, and internationally recognized Bosnia-Herzegovina. He wrote several books analyzing Islam. Serb propagandists took some of his statements out of context, as Noel Malcom ("Bosnia: Short History") pointed out.

More than any other text, the Islamic Declaration is cited by Serbian nationalist propaganda as evidence of dangerous 'Islamic fundamentalism' in Europe which must be suppressed... or else.
Often cited to justify persecution of the Bosnian Muslim civilian population during the former war, the Declaration and its author, Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, former president of Bosnia, have been demonized and frequently blamed for the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. One might explain these accusations as viscous political propaganda brought on by war. However, as early as 1983, Izetbegovic and his writings were the target of a virulent campaign against Islam in Communist Yugoslavia. This campaign had its contemporary roots in the early 1970's when Bosniaks were allowed for the first time to declare themselves as a national group, but its deeper roots may lie in what Serbian scholar Bogdan Denitch calls "the pathological suspicion and hatred of Muslim Slavs."

Serbian propagandists (and other left-apologists) took out of context President Izetbegovic's words from Islamic Declaration (Izetbegovic's book criticising Islamic governments): "There can be no peace or co-existence between the Islamic Faith and non Islamic institutions". Part II of the Declaration, "The Islamic Order," explains how Muslim society should be reorganized based on Islamic principles. Parts of this section are often quoted out of context to prove that the Declaration advocates violence. It is crucial to note that Izetbegovic was speaking here of Islamic countries in which false modernist or conservative Islamic doctrines have been institutionalized in the political and social system. He was simply criticising Islamic governments and in many instances praised Western achievements.
He was not speaking of Western countries or his native Bosnia-Herzegovina (Bosnia is not even mentioned in the book). A close reading of the Declaration reveals that Izetbegovic was advocating a cultural, not a political revolution, especially in countries (like Yugoslavia) where Muslims were a minority. As Noel Malcolm pointed out, Bosnia was not even mentioned in Izetbegovic's book and he even praised Christian governments and Christian achievements in arts and science.

Maybe it's time for Darko Trifunovic to learn about Serbia's Nazi Past and leave anti-Fascists and anti-Communists alone.

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