DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

01 June, 2011


Former Serb General Ratko Mladic, now on trial for genocide, has never been charged in connection with the slaughter of 700 Bosniak civilians -- most of them women and children -- in another Bosniak enclave that he kept under the siege in eastern Bosnia.

Here are some news reports as the 1994 Gorazde Massacre unfolded. Where is the justice? General Mladic will never have to answer for this horrible mass murder.

2. Gorazde Massacre: 389 Dead, 1324 Wounded
3. UN Refugee worker: 700 Dead in the Gorazde Massacre
4. One year before the 1994 Gorazde Massacre, General Ratko Mladic slaughtered at least 50 Bosniak civilians in Gorazde hospital.