DID YOU KNOW?  -- Three years before the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide, Serbs torched Bosniak villages and killed at least 3,166 Bosniaks around Srebrenica. In 1993, the UN described the besieged situation in Srebrenica as a "slow-motion process of genocide." In July 1995, Serbs forcibly expelled 25,000 Bosniaks, brutally raped many women and girls, and systematically killed 8,000+ men and boys (DNA confirmed).

18 January, 2008


Bosnjaci.net is the voice of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious group of Muslim, Christian and Jewish reporters, academics, NGOs and current/former political officials.

Update (14:06pm): Contrary to Darko Trifunovic's claims published at "Serbian Unity Congress" website in which he alleges that information against him was "fabricated," the fact of the matter is that he was the author of an E-mail in which he stated: "I wish Mladic killed them all." We got in touch with contributing authors Haris Djapic and Alan Jusufovic and asked them to provide "Full Header" copy of Darko Trifunovic's E-mail. Then we compared IP# of that E-mail with IP# of several other E-mails in which Darko Trifunovic threatened to the New York based magazine. The IP# was the same. Due to confidentiality reasons, we will not release IP#; however, we have forwarded this information to Bosnjaci.net and requested inclusion of this information into FBI investigation of recent threatening E-mails coming from Darko Trifunovic (his E-mail is publicly listed at the Serbian Unity Congress web site).

The attacks on the freedom of the press have been instigated by the Serbian based Srebrenica genocide denier and self-proclaimed "terrorism expert", Darko Trifunovic, who has sent numerous threatening Emails to the multi-ethnic New York based Bosnjaci.net magazine uttering threats to the journalists (Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats, and Montenegrins) who criticized him. He has threatened them on several occassions that he would orchestrate the Denial of Service attacks, unless they stop criticising him. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has opened a file on Darko Trifunovic's and they are investigating threats the matter. The threteaning messages came from Darko Trifunovic's Email which is publicly available on Serbian Unity Congress' web site. As a result of new events, the Euro Police Congress has removed message from their website which previously stated that Darko Trifunovic has withdrawn from Euro Police Congress due to alleged "fear of violence" from "radical groups." We thank them for realizing who Darko Trifunovic really is and who they have been dealing with all this time.

The New York based Bosniaks magazine - which is temporarily offline as a result of Serbian DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on their server - asked us to publish this press release.

European Police Congress,

Dear Sirs,

As publisher of and contributors to Bosnjaci.net, we were confident that our communications to you were consistent with legality and the very mission of the European Police Congress. Mr. Darko Trifunovic has engaged in actions, actual crimes that the Congress and its participants should resolutely confront including:

1. Identity and document fraud after having falsely secured Bosnian-Herzegovinian citizenship and diplomatic status, (of which was then subsequently stripped by BiH authorities).
2. Inciting hatred and promoting hate crimes based on ethnic and religious identity.
3. Promoting the denial of genocide, so adjudicated by the ICTY and ICJ, and with the dangerous agenda for inciting and legitimizing current and potential ultra-national politics within Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina, (Republika Srpska) and new "grave violations of international humanitarian law."
4. Now, incited/emboldened criminal/terror "hacker attack" on free media and our shared values of independent media/free speech.

Appropriately, somewhere within the Organization and participants of the European Police Congress and the German authorities, it was seen appropriate to no longer welcome Darko Trifunovic. We thank those who apparently supported this principled and legally founded action.

Unfortunate Legitimization of Hate Ideology and Lies

Unfortunately though, the message sent by (some) Organizers of the European Police Congress, in particular its website, was inconsistent. The message on the European Police Congress website legitimized the message that Darko Trifunovic was a "victim" of threats from Islamic extremists:

"Prof. Dr. Darko Trifunovic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies, informed us that he will not be able to come to Berlin and to speak at the 11th European Police Congress, since he has been put under pressure by radical groups. He received very dangerous death threats. For this reason he decided not to expose himself and endanger the Congress." (European Police Congress website, Panel II note).

The message on this Congress website is not true, and worse is legitimizing Darko Trifunovic's genocide negation and hate ideology. It has fueled an unlawful, terrorist attack on Bosnjaci.net and spurred hate campaign urging new murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide directed at Bosniaks.

Srebrenica Genocide is Judicial Conclusion Deserving Notice by Political and Law Enforcement Authority: This is not Optional

First, as to the message on the European Police Congress website: Is Darko Trifunovic and his agenda actually still welcome to your Congress? You cannot be passive on this matter and convey to your participants and audience that the Congress still would welcome Trifunovic in spite of his personal criminal conduct, incitement, and negation of genocide. Particularly, the matter of negating genocide in Srebrenica is not a "local Balkan dispute." The International Court of Justice and the ICTY have judged that Srebrenica was a victim of genocide, while under the presumed protection of NATO and the United Nations. It is not your option, as an organization bringing together law enforcement agencies from the Euro-Atlantic democracies, to discount as a "local Balkan consideration," the genocide in Srebrenica or other grave violations of international humanitarian law in Bosnia & Herzegovina. You are obliged to act in a manner consistent with such judgments from the highest judicial authorities. As denying the Holocaust is criminalized/subject to sanction in most of the democratic world, and appropriately so, the denial of genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia & Herzegovina must meet with like response.

President Ahmedinidjad's minimization of the Holocaust and Trifunovic's negation of genocide are equally offensive, and to us all who promote international humanitarian law and the rule of law.

Trifunovic Abuses European Congress website to further Lies

Second, Trifunovic is lying when he asserts that he has been "put under pressure by radical groups." He has clearly labeled Bosnjaci.net as such "Islamic extremist group" and "Al-Qaeda affiliated." (Trifunovic on "Terror Financing Blog.")

Bosnjaci.net is the voice of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious group of Muslim, Christian and Jewish reporters, academics, NGOs and current/former political officials. We not only have no relationship to Al-Qaeda or Islamic extremism but promote shared values of a democratic, pluralistic and open society. We certainly would not condone any death threats against any person. Our efforts are sufficiently founded on legality and our shared principles.

Why did not Any Representative from the European Police Congress Verify, even Contact to Confirm Veracity of Trifunovic's Allegations?

However, when the European Police Congress has given a platform, in particular this time on the website, to Mr. Trifunovic's slanderous allegations, you have allowed this Congress to be exploited for a libelous campaign based upon complete untruths and lies. Did not anyone of you bother to check the evidence or just contact us to verify any truth to Trifunovic's spin?

Criminal/Terror Attack on Free Speech Emboldened

Now, Bosnjaci.net has been subjected to a "hacker attack" initiated by ultranationalist haters and supporters of Trifunovic, and with threats emanating from areas and email addresses suspiciously akin to Trifunovic's own. We await further evidence of Trifunovic's direct criminal conspiracy in this attack on media institutions and free speech, and have contacted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. However, undoubtedly Trifunovic's threats and the legitimization of his message on the official website of the European Police Congress have emboldened this criminal terror attack upon free speech and Bosnjaci.net.

We respectfully request that the European Police Congress:
1. Investigate internally how the official website of the European Police Congress was misused for Trifunovic's lies and has emboldened directly or otherwise a criminal/terror attack?
2. Has Trifunovic been "dis-invited" from the European Police Congress or is he still a welcome participant?
3. Measures that the Organizers of the European Police Congress would propose to counter the damage to people and free media resulting from this unfortunate event?

With Respect,
Esad Krcic, Chief Editor
Željko Milicevic, Editor
Afan Pašalic, Webmaster
Sonja Radoševic, Freelance Journalist from Montenegro
Nihad Krupic, Writer and Journalist
Muhamed Šaceirbey, Former Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to the U.N.
Dr. Mirsad Mujovic, Journalist
Emir Ramic, Journalist
Ferid Ferko Šantic, Journalist
Ahmed Pašic, Journalist
Muhamed Mahmutovic, Journalist
Emir Džanic, Journalist